Mary Papastamou - Pispini
Mary Papastamou - Pispini

Mary Papastamou - Pispini

Be one of us, be number ONE!

Mary has professionally engaged with Pilates since 2008.Graduate of Studio One Pilates teacher training. She has been a presenter in conventions in Greece.

She teaches Pilates in L.A. Fitness, My House training studio and ΤheCONCEPT Terminal and she is responsible for the Pilates Studio at ΤheCONCEPT Terminal.

Alan Herdman faculty in Athens for training course.


She has attended BALANCED BODY CONVENTIONS and other seminars with great teachers:

  • Alan Herdman

  • Rael Issacowitz

  • Caron Clipinger

  • Lynne Robinson

  • Julian Littleford

  • Carita Laesche

  • John Garey

  • Caron Bosler

  • Lolita San Miguel

  • Eduard Botha

  • Elizabeth Larkham

Instructor in:

Pilates Training Herdman