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A bodyART® class follows five different energy forms, which are related to the five elements.

Course Outline

By using exercises from therapy, strength and flexibility training combined with classical breathing techniques, the body will be strengthened and stretched by the same time, stress will be released, back pain relieved and the posture and body awareness improved. In 2005 and 2006 bodyART® training has been awarded for best international concept by ECA OBOW awards.

In Greece, for the first time internationally, two modules of Level 1 (Contact & Dynamic) have been teaching together with the basic education of Level 1, aiming to promote a better and a more comprehensive education.


Level 1

  • module I (1 weekend)

  • module II (1 weekend)

  • module III (1 weekend)

  • Exam level 1 → Diploma and license for International bodyART® InstructorRequirements for the following modules: International bodyART® Instructor Diploma and license

  • bodyART® Contact (1 weekend)

  • bodyART® Dynamic (1 weekend)


Level 2 - Theory & Practise

  • Requirements: International bodyART® Instructor Diploma and license

  • bodyART® Stretch (1 weekend)

  • bodyART® Flow (1 weekend)


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