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The most comprehensive on line Yoga Teacher Training with High Level Training, through the Award-winning Studio One (“Education Leaders Awards” Education Platform 2019 – Awards of Excellence in Education).

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* Educate wherever you are, according to your needs.

* You get all the applied knowledge you need, learning from the best.

* Availability of a 24-hour training platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with absolute portability, usability and readability from any digital device.



* The content of the training program, teaching objects, courses and learning outcomes are respectively of the Yoga Teacher Training face to face, as listed also on the corresponding page of the diploma.

* The educational platform has been posted and classified all the necessary audiovisual educational material, categorized into training modules and courses, such as Detailed Texts, Teachers’ Presentations, Conceptual Maps, Images, Books of Studio One, Webinars, Knowledge Assessment Test and more than 200 video exercises, professionally filmed for perfect viewing.

* The educational program and its modules are designed to offer maximum flexibility. Access to course units is gradually given (Linear Learning Paths), based on the training program (concrete principle, a specific course and a specific fee).

* Each training module provides a clear curriculum and analytical content that identifies the learning outcomes in detail the integration requirements and your necessary knowledge, skills and competence assessments through multiple evaluation tests of all levels (multi-selection – development issues at individual and group level) , while you are fully informed about the content and details of the courses you will watch.

* To improve your teacher training, a variety of audiovisual content delivery methods such as webinars with main concern on guidance and how practical skills are used, and alternative ways of interacting, with live – recorded teaching and use of special applications of Studio One Educational Platform b Omega.

* During your studies, a full technique, educational and advisory support via email, social contact networks, telephone or by teleconferencing, for feedback, discussion and addressing any questions or concerns.

* We estimate that an average 20 hours of occupation / study on a weekly basis plus hours of occupation with mandatory work and overall (study, work, case study, practical exercise / experience) about 200 hours, which you can to distribute as it suits more, within a time frame of up to 3 months (12 weeks).

* Your final evaluation is made cumulatively by combining your individual performance (configurative evaluations, progress) of each module and performance in the end-evaluation objects “exam”:

* Individual online multi-choice theory assessment.

* Group Online Theory Assessment.

* Trainee demonstration videos.

* Personal interview with trainers-examiners.


*This training program is recognized by the World Organization of Qualifications Yoga Alliance and is a graduate of internationally recognized Hatha Yoga Masters and as certified members of the Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level.



  1. Theory

What is Yoga?

The benefits of Yoga for people and society.

Yoga’s great teachers, historical retrospection.

The 6 philosophical systems of India-Sad Darshanas.

Philosophical texts: YogaSutras Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga-Yoga Margas paths.

The eight steps of Patanjali, the obstacles-kleshas in spiritual development and the motions of the vou- vrttis.

Bioenergy Anatomy. Analysis and study of the energy centers and channels – chakras, prana (bioenergy), gunas (the 3 qualities), shariras (bodies), koshas (the 5 housings – housings).

Anatomy – Physiology: – Muscular System – Functional anatomy –

Respiratory System – Cardiovascular System – Endocrine System – Nervous System.

Kinesiology: Joints, Movements, Axes, levels of motion


Characteristics of a Yoga teacher.

Yoga and labor market.

Introduction to the Ayurvedic diet.



  1. Practical Lessons

Pawanmuktasana A,B,C

Surya Namaskara: Sivanda, Satyananda, Chandra Namaskara Satyanandra Surya Namascara A, Surya Namascara B practice and methodology of teaching.

The techniques of HathaYoga: Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas.

Asanas: uprights, balances, supports, inverted, over-stretches, seated and front bends, torso turns, spines, spine decompression (analysis – technique – teaching – alignment principle – methodology-correction-mythology-chakras).

Basic Sanskrit – Names of Asanas




Program design – Course structure.

Correction operations – Safety principles.

Therapeutic exercises of Yoga for the eyes.

2day experiential silence and fasting. for self- awareness and introspection. Silence appreciation vacuity .It teaches you to move to the heart, discover the beauty around you and find happiness. A two-day purifying techniques – shatkarmas, dance therapy, bioenergy management, singingbowls and mantras, kinetic meditation, NidraYoga, emotion release.



For your full information (touring on the platform, training procedures, learning plan, individually proposed educational orientation, educational support, courses, learning goals, individual evaluation, final evaluation, etc.) around the Studio’s E-Learning Yoga Teacher Training Diploma One Sports and Fitness School by Ωmega, closed a remote appointment staff with our responsible partner, the detailed / analytical study guide will be sent directly.

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