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The most comprehensive distance education / training program * in personal training, via a dedicated online platform. Studio One’s online training platform was awarded the 2019 “Education Leaders Awards” (Education Excellence Awards).

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  • Train yourself at the convenience of your home or wherever you are, as you want and at the time you want.
  • It acquires all the applied knowledge you need, learning from the best.

* The e-learning program is combined with the mandatory 30-hour minimum of Personal Contact – Practice & Coaching. The assessment procedures of the trainees and the teaching subjects are equivalent to the 400 hour Diploma of Personal Training (as mentioned above).

Studio One
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Courses Directors: Stavros Dedoukos (Personal Training), Christina Pantazopoulou, Ioanna Drandaki (Yoga).

E-Platform Director: Eleftheria Zapantioti

Start: 365 days per year!

Stavros Dedoukos

Ioanna Drandaki

Christina Pantazopoulou

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