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A. Theory

  • Functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Bioengineering of key positions, movements and exercises.
  • Exercise physiology and muscular output.
  • General fitness, fitness training.
  • Cardio-respiratory parameters.
  • Resistance training parameters.
  • Mobility-stretching training parameters.
  • Traumatology, chronic diseases.
  • General nutrition issues.
  • Sport psychology, behavior modification methods.
  • Customers consulting.
  • First Aid.

B. Group Resistance Training

  • Musical understanding.
  • Key execution positions.
  • Presentation – Analysis – Training and Adaptation to the Music of the Basic Muscle Exercise: Legs, Back, Chest, Abdominals, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.
  • Extra Attention Points.
  • Oral – Indicative guidance.
  • Basic Functional Training Concepts.
  • Training programs for group using bars, dumbbells, tires: Variations – Configurations.
  • Full-body workout training with full equipment and body weight: Variations – Configurations.
  • Correct Presentation – Motivation Guidelines.
  • Safety rules.

C. Group Cardio Training.

  • Musical understanding.
  • Learn Low & High Impact Basic & Advanced Steps in Cardio Training.
  • Learn Basic & Advanced Steps in Step Cardio Training.
  • Learning Teaching Methods at Cardio & Step Training.
  • Design – Teaching – Presentation of combinations.
  • Upper and Lower Limb Technique / Kinetic Pattern Improvement.
  • Oral – Indicative guidance.
  • Correct Presentation – Motivation Guidelines.
  • Safety rules.

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