The new educational course created by Studio One. The most advanced vocational training diploma in Group Training worldwide. Essential knowledge, scientifically HIGH LEVEL – practically ABSOLUTE.


GROUP FUNCTIONAL SPECIALIST (GFS) is the new, innovative vocational training program of STUDIO ONE, lasting fourteen (14) weeks, which is designed to fully meet the needs of the practicing professional, offering high specialization and upgrading him at all levels.



  • Prospective professionals who want to be trained in practice and specialized to validly certify their knowledge, skills and abilities and to enter the Fitness market with increased professional qualifications, as specialists in Group Training and Small Group Training.
  • Already professionals, fitness trainers and personal trainers, who want to upgrade their existing professional experience, to develop their theoretical background, to further enhance their practical / teaching skills and to acquire the highest specialization in the provision of innovative sports services.

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Through the essential vocational training we provide, you learn from the very first moment to use intelligently, flexibly and effectively both the timeless values ​​of fitness training and all the new trends, approaches and top suggestions of training programs, guiding athletes in group fitness training, in different places, with different ways of exercise, based on scientific training protocols.

Your accreditation by STUDIO ONE as a “GROUP FUNCTIONAL SPECIALIST” certifies and guarantees that you can meet immediately, effectively and with full completeness the real demands of the labor market and the diverse needs of consumers of sports services, both those provided for life and and those provided remotely, e.g. online, thus building a successful and well-paid professional career, just the way you dream it.


In the GROUP FUNCTIONAL SPECIALIST diploma you are trained in immediately applicable practical knowledge, scientifically substantiated and without anything superfluous, on the four (4) main sectors of recreational team sports in Group Training and Small Group Training, with the primary goal of overall improvement and physical of the Functional Performance of the athletes you train.

* 1st sector: Cardiorespiratory Training.

* 2nd sector: Strength Training.

* 3rd sector: Functional Training.

* 4th sector: Flexibility and Mobility Training.


The educational material of GROUP FUNCTIONAL SPECIALIST, based on the four cognitive sectors, is 100% up-to-date, adapted to the international developments, to the requirements of the athletes and to the most modern, but unquestionably data of the scientific training.

All courses are specially designed, practically structured and fully customized to give you a solid knowledge base and the most modern practical equipment for your immediate adaptation to new working conditions, professional rehabilitation and upgrading, continuous development and guaranteed successful implementation in daily contact with your future athletes.


The GROUP FUNCTIONAL SPECIALIST diploma is taught by leading professionals of international scope, with worldwide recognition, particularly extensive coaching experience, specially trained in adult teaching and with a high specialization in Fitness. Real connoisseurs, highly contagious and with a high sense of responsibility for the work they have undertaken to carry out, make sure from the first moment all the knowledge provided is substantial and documented, has a practical response and immediate application while, at the same time, guiding you personally and They advise you professionally (mentoring) both during your studies and after your graduation.


1st EDUCATIONAL MODULE: Introduction to Group Training – Small Group Training

Sector A

Cardio Basics

  • Musical understanding.
  • Learning basic movements – cardiorespiratory movements.
  • Exercise configurations – Scalable difficulty levels.
  • Movements in transition.
  • Safety Criteria and Protocols.
  • Cardiorespiratory training methods.

Heart rate control and training intensity – conventional and with digital technologies (Wearable Technology).

  • Design of programs with different protocols and methods – Individual adaptations and differentiations.
  • Ways of teaching, mentoring, psychological support and motivation of an athlete.

Sector B

Tae Box 


  • History of Tae Box
  • Basic Techniques
  • Guidelines for health oriented Training
  • Creation and Operation of a Τae Box hour


  • Working with MusicTechniques of Basic movements for arms and legs
  • Combine Techniques and Combinations
  • Proper Motion Instructions Training Workshops with Props

Sector C

Power Cycling 


  • Introduction.
  • History.
  • Heart rate fields.
  • Training with Cardiometers.
  • Creating a Program.
  • Music.
  • Anatomy.
  • Physiology.
  • Contact.
  • Coaching.
  • Safety rules.


  • Getting to know the bike.
  • Key Positions.
  • Basic Techniques.
  • Positions of the hands.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Heart Field Training.
  • Power Cycling Course Analysis.

2nd EDUCATIONAL UNIT: The art and techniques of Warm-up.

Warm up: Curriculums & programming for Group / Small Group Training

  • General and special (related) warm-up.
  • Static and kinetic warm-up.
  • Warm-up based:
  • Cardio Drills.
  • Joints Mobility.
  • Athletic Moves.
  • Dynamic Stretches.
  • Combo Functional Mix.
  • Effort control (palpation, subjective perception, individual heart rate monitor), visible features of effective warm-up.
  • Adjustment, progressive scaling and volume adjustments.
  • Warm-up options and categorizations by training unit and content of mainly training part.

3rd EDUCATIONAL MODULE: Everything for Empowerment Training

Strength Training: Curriculums & programming for Group / Small Group Training

  • Exercises and building strength training with:
  • Body Weight Training.
  • Body Bar Training.
  • Weights and Dumbbells Training.
  • Elastic Bands Training.
  • Combinations of ways, instruments and methods.
  • Cross Training.
  • Circuit Training.
  • Interval Training.
  • Basic HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training protocols.
  • High efficiency training systems and training techniques.
  • Systematic principles of risk prevention and safety protocols.
  • Configurations / Difficulty levels.
  • Techniques for analysis, prevention and correction of athlete errors.
  • Cool Down in various ways.
  • Based on music and time (Based on Music and Time).

4th EDUCATIONAL UNIT: The quintessence of Functional Training

Functional Training: Curriculums & programming for Group / Small Group Training

  • Assessment of orthosomia – functional movement – muscle shortening – dysfunctions (Body Screen Functional Assessment).
  • Functional training with body weight – Combinations (Body Weight Functional Drills – Combinations).
  • Balance Training – Bosu, Stability Training.
  • Multi Functional Training systems using Functional Small Apparatus.
  • Basic HIIT training protocols with Functional training equipment (Functional HIIT).
  • Safety adjustments and protocols.
  • Personalized functional exercise configurations / Levels of difficulty – intensity.
  • Functional Cool Down in various ways.

* Based on music and time (Based on Music and Time).


Agility / Mobility / Flexibility Training: Curriculums & programming for Group / Small Group Training

  • Check for proper stabilization and adequacy of mobility (Stability & Mobility Tests).
  • Basic principles of joint mobilizations.
  • Static Stretching.
  • Dynamic Stretching / Moving Stretches.
  • Functional Stretching.
  • Joint Mobility exercises without equipment and with equipment (Resistance Mobility).
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Techniques.
  • Myofascial release in various ways (Myofascial Release).
  • Combined models of flexibility – mobility.
  • Options by type and purpose of training unit.
  • Safety protocols and effective integration into the structure of other programs.
  • Parameterizations – Personalizations – Levels of difficulty – intensity.
  • Based on music and time (Based on Music and Time).

Studio One
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Course Director: George Xiros

Start date: January 23, 2021

Duration: 4 months – 140 hours
Level: Lifelong Learning
Certification: StudioOne by Ωmega
Educational Type: Theory & Practice

Trainers: Mirjan Tahiraj, George Papadopoulos, Dionisis Stavrousis, Plotinos Iliadis, Kostas Zacharopoulos, Valantis Topalidis, Christos Antoniou, Zina Tasoula, Maria Visvardi.

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