Alan Herdman Approved – E.H.F.A. Accredited, EREPS EQF 4

This training program is recognized by the EuropeActive – European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) and certifies its graduates as internationally recognized Pilates MAt Work Teachers and as certified members of the European Pilates Trainers Registry (EREPS) at EQF level 4.

In the Pilates Diploma 400, Alan Herdman teaches, personally evaluates and signs the certification of studies with his prestige. Alan Herdman, who is a second generation Pilates teacher, is the living history of the authentic method and is its most authentic exponent, recognized worldwide as the greatest Pilates Teacher in value.

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Program director is the leading Greek Pilates Teacher, Christina Pantazopoulou.

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Α. Basic Theory

  • Anatomy and Kinesiology: Sceleton system (bones, joints), Muscular system (muscles and their actions)
  • Postural analysis
  • Postural imbalances improvement
  • Anatomy of Breathing
  • Cardiovascular system (onlinetraining)Hormone system (onlinetraining)
  • Nutrition (onlinetraining).

Β. Pilates Mat Work & Props Diploma 200

    • History and  Phylosophy of the Pilates method
    • Basic principles analysis
    • Alan Herdman Pilates exercise Repertoire.
    • Basic – Intermediate – Advanced classical and contemporary exercise repertoire
    • Modifications , variations
    • Pilates mat small apparatus (Pilates Ring, Soft ball , Fit ball, Theraband).
    • Foam Roller – Myo Fascial Release.
    • Individual and group program design / Cueing and teaching techniques
    • Study cases

C. Pilates Equipment Diploma 200

  • Universal Reformer Exercises.
  • Trapeze Table Exercises.
  • Wunda Chair.
  • Spine Corrector.
  • Ladder Barrel.
  • Individual and group program design  / Cueing and teaching techniques

D. Pilates continuing education

1.Pre & Post natal 

  • Pilates method during and after pregnancy (Mat & Equipment).

Starting date Athens: 17-18 April 2021

Workshop presenter:  Christina Pantazopoulou


2. Pilates for Seniors (Mat & Equipment)

Starting date Athens: 8-9 May 2021

Workshop presenter: Pispini Mary


3. Clinical Pilates

  • Chronic pain syndrome and its treatment with the Pilates method (cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine) (Mat & Equipment).

Starting Date Athens: 15-16 May 2021

Workshop presenters: Christina Pantazopoulou – Michalis Elpidoforou

Το Studio One
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C’: 28 November 2020
Duration: 400 hours
Level: 4
Certification: Αlan Herdman Pilates-Europe Active
Educational Type: Theory & Practice

Program Director: Christina Pantazopoulou

Elpidofororou Michalis, Mary Papastamou – Pispini, Peggy Kolovou, Valantis Topalidis, Karpouzi Christina, Karagianni Evridiki, Nicole Kortesi.
Official partner: Alan Herdman

The workshop is made on dates announced by the official representatives of the branches of the Studio One Organization and in the following cities.

  • Thessaloniki
  • Larisa
  • Patra
  • Cyprus

Christina Pantazopoulou


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