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Aerial Yoga Silks is performed with the usage of special silk fabric (hammock), which is 2 meters wide and 5.5 meters length. The hammock is hanging from the ceiling with two steel safety carabiners.

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  • Introduction in Yoga
  • Philosophical systems of Yoga
  • The Eight Limbs of Patanjali
  • Nidra Yoga and Meditation
  • Theory and analysis of Koshas
  • Theory and analysis of Chakras
  • Analysis and fundamentals of alignment Aerial Silks/Swings Asanas
  • Safety and balance at the entrance and exit of Aerial Silks/Swings Asanas
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Equipment and Installation


Aerial Slks Asanas

  • Warm ups, standing asanas , handstands, basic backbends,basic inversions, sitting asanas, twists, restorative asanas
  • Combination of yoga asanas with aerial swing asanas
  • Aerial Swing Sun Salutation A & B
  • Aerial Swing Fitness and Basic Acrobatics
  • Teaching in groups
  • Breathing Techniques


Two (2) intensive weekends of advanced aerobic acrobatics, only for Aerial Yoga or Aerial Pilates teachers or for students who have successfully completed Level 1.

  • Aerial Strength and Flexibility Exercises, advanced acrobatics, flips and tricks, aerial flow, restoratives
  • Teaching Aerial Silks Asanas in groups.


(6 Weekends)

Aerial Pilates is a complete fitness system, which includes entertainment and relaxation.

Combines the game and the joy of Aerial Acrobatics with the dynamics of Fitness with the basic principles of Pilates Method.

The course takes place with the use of special aerial fabrics (Silks and Swings) which hang from the ceiling.

Their use is manifold, combining exercises performed above, below and in the hammock.

The benefits of the program are multidimensional and affect both the physical as well as emotional and mental level of the trainee.


  • Introduction in Pilates Method
  • History of Joseph Pilates
  • Basic principles of the Method
  • Analysis and fundamentals of alignment of Aerial Pilates (Silks/Swings) exsersises
  • Safety and balance at the entrance and exit of Aerial Pilates (Silks/Swings) exsersises
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Equipment and Installation


Aerial Silks  Postures

  • Pre Pilates Technique – Foundamental Mat work
  • Warm ups, standing postures, sitting postures, back straddles, hip hangs, ribs hangs, advanced inversions, restorative poses
  • Aerial Fitness and Flexibility, Advanced Acrobatics, Flips and Tricks, Aerial flow
  • Teaching Aerial Silks Postures in groups

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Professional Aerial Yoga Silks

20 November 2021

Professional Aerial Advanced Level 2
22 January 2022

Professional Aerial Pilates Silks
Coming Soon

The workshop place on dates announced by the official bodies – representatives of the branches of the Studio One Organization and in the following cities.

  • Thesalloniki
  • Patra
  • Cyprus

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