Social – Corporate Responsibility

Now, the “Omega Sports & Fitness Training Center by Studio One” is moving a step further, maintaining and enhancing past good practices, and with the core philosophy of “Education for all, opportunities for all” offers:

  • Complete educational programs at the most affordable prices.
  • Significant facilities and discounts on tuition for long-term unemployed, athletic college graduates, people with low annual incomes and many children.
  • Apply special discount programs to attend the same diploma degree of two or more people with first degree kinship.
  • Scholarships to 20% of left-wing students and students of each diploma for the next diploma.
  • Apprenticeship / professional experience and job prospects in affiliated companies.

For many years, Omega Schools and Studio One have shown in a variety of ways their anthropocentricity, social sensitivity, public awareness, responsibility and solidarity with our fellow citizens who need support:

  • Offers of services and money for various social purposes.
  • Educational scholarships to financially ill and excluded students.
  • Voluntary actions for sport, sport for all, health, environment and ecology.
  • Events and participation in sporting and charity events.
  • Partnerships with private and public bodies in the framework of programs to combat unemployment and social inequality.
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