Club Management

A specialized seminar addressed to a wide audience that deals with or wants to deal with the field of Fitness Clubs/Gyms as an executive. Fitness Club Management covers the full range of organizational processes of a Fitness Club, both in animate and inanimate materials, as well as the process of attracting and retaining a clientele through sales and good customer service.


  • Necessary skills and abilities of a Fitness Club Manager
  • Organizing the Club/Basic procedures
  • Organizing and managing separate Club departments
  • Creating a team, not just selecting stuff members
  • Turning the vision into workable project
  • Attracting and retaining new members
  • Time management and delegation of responsibilities


  • The importance of a 5-star customer service
  • The importance of front desk in the day-to-day Fitness Club operations
  • Effective complaint management


  • Sales in general
  • Basic principles of Selling-Ethical sale practices
  • Selling stages (Contact, Identification, Process)
  • Handling basic objections (objection, argumentation, solution)
  • Questioning techniques
  •  Closing the sale (testing, closing anatomy, techniques)
  • Do’s and don’ts of verbal communication
  • Telephone communication techniques
  • Different types of salespeople / The Psychology of selling
  • Different types of customers (identification, characteristics, approach)
  • Body language
  • Emotional intelligence in sales / EQ vs IQ (Basic Principles and Application)
  • Power of words: Persuasion
  • Negotiation skills and techniques
  • Renewal and Loyalty Programs / Gamification
  • Basic Marketing strategies

Studio One
with the eyes of our graduates

Athens: February 2021
Duration: 100 hours
Level: Lifelong Learning
Certification: StudioOne by Ωmega
Educational Type: Theory & Practice

Program Director: Hara Kalemkeridou


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