Group Fitness Specialist

Exercise Indicator “Aerobics Trainer”

  1. Group Resistance Training (GROUP RESISTANCE TRAINING)
  • Musical understanding.
  • Key execution positions.
  • Presentation – Analysis – Training and Adaptation to the Music of the Basic Muscle Exercise: Legs, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.
  • Attention Points to the Application of the Exercise Book.
  • Oral – Indicative guidance.
  • Incorporate functional exercises and functional training into group programs.
  • Workout design of team programs with bars, dumbbells, tires.
  • Variations – customizations.
  • Intercool training with full equipment and body weight
  • Variations – customizations.
  • Correct Presentation – Motivation Guidelines.
  • Safety rules.


  • Musical understanding.
  • Learn Low and High Impact Basic and Advanced Steps in Cardio Training.
  • Learn Basic and & Advanced Steps in Step.
  • Learning Cardio and Step Training Methods.
  • Design – Teaching – Presentation of combinations.
  • Upper and Lower Limb Technique / Kinetic Pattern Improvement.
  • Oral – Indicative guidance.
  • Correct Presentation – Motivation Guidelines.
  • Safety rules.


  • Historical background and philosophy of the method.
  • Analysis of the basic principles of the method.
  • Complete exercise logbook.
  • Basic – Intermediate – Advanced classical and modern repertoire.
  • Small equipment (Pilates Ring, Soft ball, Fit ball, Theraband).
  • Foam Roller – Myo Fascial Release.
  • Anatomical analysis of exercises.
  • Special population (general approach).
  • Lesson Planning / Teaching Capacity Building.


  • Universal Reformer Exercises.
  • Trapeze Table Exercises.
  • Wunda Chair.
  • Spine Corrector.
  • LadderBarrel.
  • Lesson Planning / Teaching Skills Development.

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