Group Fitness Specialist

The purpose of the “Free Aerobics Coach” specialization is to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills / leadership skills of many practitioners who train in groups at the same time and with the same program, accompanied by music or not. Upon completion of your studies you will be able to design group training programs in various ways, means and methods and teach them safely and effectively to groups of trainees, combining sports with entertainment and well-being of trainees. At the same time, you will know in depth the Pilates method and you will be able to apply it successfully.

Exercise Indicator “Aerobics Trainer”

Α.Ομαδική προπόνηση με αντιστάσεις (GROUP RESISTANCE TRAINING)

  • Musical understanding.
  • Key execution positions.
  • Presentation – Analysis – Training and Adaptation to the Music of the Basic Muscle Exercise: Legs, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.
  • Attention Points to the Application of the Exercise Book.
  • Oral – Indicative guidance.
  • Incorporate functional exercises and functional training into group programs.
  • Workout design of team programs with bars, dumbbells, tires.
  • Variations – customizations.
  • Intercool training with full equipment and body weight
  • Variations – customizations.
  • Correct Presentation – Motivation Guidelines.
  • Safety rules.


  • Musical understanding.
  • Learn Low and High Impact Basic and Advanced Steps in Cardio Training.
  • Learn Basic and & Advanced Steps in Step.
  • Learning Cardio and Step Training Methods.
  • Design – Teaching – Presentation of combinations.
  • Upper and Lower Limb Technique / Kinetic Pattern Improvement.
  • Oral – Indicative guidance.
  • Correct Presentation – Motivation Guidelines.
  • Safety rules.


  • Historical background and philosophy of the method.
  • Analysis of the basic principles of the method.
  • Complete exercise logbook.
  • Basic – Intermediate – Advanced classical and modern repertoire.
  • Small equipment (Pilates Ring, Soft ball, Fit ball, Theraband).
  • Foam Roller – Myo Fascial Release.
  • Anatomical analysis of exercises.
  • Special population (general approach).
  • Lesson Planning / Teaching Capacity Building.

D. Pilates Equipment

  • Universal Reformer Exercises.
  • Trapeze Table Exercises.
  • Wunda Chair.
  • Spine Corrector.
  • LadderBarrel.
  • Lesson Planning / Teaching Skills Development.

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Athens: October 2021
Duration: 1200 hours
Level: 5-IEK
Certification: Ωmega – National Diploma
Educational Type: Theory & Practice

Program Director: George Xiros
Tutors: Mirjan Tahiraj, George Papadopoulos, Dionisis Stavrousis, Christina Pantazopoulou

Giorgos Xiros


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