Sports Management

The Sports Executive is active in the sports sector and in the leisure and sports sector in general, providing administrative-financial management and public relations services. As an executive in sports venues, he deals with the organization of the venue according to the rules of hygiene and safety, the ordering and supply of equipment, the selection of staff, the attraction and registration of athletes. He also deals with the organization of sporting events and collaborates with other professionals involved in this field. In various private companies in the sports sector he undertakes the sales of sports services and equipment or is engaged in sports marketing and advertising.


They can work in:

-Ministries and supervised N.P.D.D., N.P.I.D. or other public bodies involved in sports.

-Sports Organizations (Sports Associations, Sports Federations, Sports Clubs, Sports SA, etc.).

-M Municipal Sports Organizations, Municipal Sports Enterprises

-Services and Sports Companies of Local Government Organizations.

– Sports Centers, Private Gyms, Private Sports Schools, Organizing specialized forms of sports tourism, sports activities, events and leisure, sports service companies, sports product distribution companies, camps and entertainment venues that offer any other sports related activities their specialty.


  • Use of PC
  • English
  • Physical education & sports
  • Basic principles of economic theory
  • Management
  • Sociology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Organization & management of sports
  • Social Psychology
  • Organization & management of sports companies
  • Research methodology
  • Economy & sports
  • Sports psychology
  • Sports law
  • Organization & administration of sports organizations
  • Sports marketing
  • Statistics
  • History of sports
  • Organization of sports events

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Teacher: George Pasiakos


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