Tennis Coach

Tennis Coach Specialty Indicative

  • The different stages of “Tennis 10’s” and the corresponding developmental ages of the athlete – tennis student at the “red”, “orange” and “green” levels,
  • Technical analysis of hits: slice service, and slice forehand.
  • Common and possible mistakes. Correction of errors. Methodical teaching of strokes,
  • Video surveillance of student strikes and detailed discussion,
  • Rules of conduct on and off the court in training and racing.
  • Separate the drills on the field according to the goal pursued.
  • Basic principles of regular single and double combat.
  • Technical analysis of slice backhand and lobe slice hits in fh and bh. Errors and corrections.
  • Special individual defense and attack tactics. Special tactic in double and mixed races.
  • Practical application to arbitration (chair referee and line referees).
  • Coach profile.
  • Fitness (speed and endurance).
  • Checking and evaluating performance and performance.
  • Practicing practitioners for basic strokes.

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