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The purpose of the specialization “Personal Fitness Coach – Personal Trainer” is to obtain the required general and special knowledge to train a trainee (personal training) as well as a small, small group of trainees (small group training) both in the gym and in any other sports area, organized or not. Upon completion of your studies you can design, teach and supervise personalized training programs in various sports venues (gym, home, outdoors, etc.), in various ways, meanings and methods, depending on the personal needs of each trainee, achieving the maximum result,with the greatest possible safety, and in a perfectly measurable period of time (S.M.A.R.T. objectives)

Specialty “Weight Trainer – Personal Trainer” Indicator

    • Philosophy and basic principles of personal training.
    • Obtain a history of health, map general practitioner profile.
    • Collection of basic anthropometric data.
    • Collection of basic anthropometric data.
    • Ergometric Test.
    • Scanning a mobile profile.
    • Forms of strength, basic terms of strength training.
    • Types of Strength Training, Isometric Training, Isokinetic Training, Myometric (Eccentric) Training, Pliometric (Concentric) Training.
    • Safety training principles of strength.
    • Common muscular injuries and ways to deal with them.
    • Differences in free weights and resistance machines.
    • Forms of strength training organization.
    • Methods for developing various forms of muscle strength (muscle hypertrophy, intramuscular resonance, rapid, strength).
    • Weight training for each muscle group (from beginner to advanced level).
    • Basic principles of proper exercise technique.
    • Burden criteria according to experience level and age.
    • Muscular hypertrophy (mass / tumor) systems and methods.
    • Body fat reduction / weight reduction systems and methods.
    • Short-term and long-term training planning, periodicity.
    • Women, the elderly, children and strength training.
    • Functional training.
    • Basic exercise list with body weight and exercises.
    • Basic exercise kit with extra resistance micro-instruments (dumbbells, tires, bars, etc.)
    • Functional training with straps.
    • Functional imbalance training with BOSU ball.
    • Functional training with various instruments (Kettlebells, Fit balls, Foam roller, Medicine Balls, ladder etc.).
    • Training Planning Applications for All Levels of Practitioner Experience and Monitoring – S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific goal, Objectively measurable, Daily useful, Realistically achievable, Time-bound).
    • Practical application of different types of warm-up (General, Associated, Articulation, etc.).
    • Measurement and control of heart rate in a variety of ways (palpation, subjective perception of intensity, use of an individual heart rate monitor, etc.).
    • Practical implementation of personalized training programs with Role Plays.
    • Practical application of training programs to a small group of trainees (Small Personal Training).
    • Practical application of different types of stretching exercises for individual muscle groups and the whole body as well as exercises for improving mobility.
    • Practical application of different types of relaxation / relaxation.
    • Anatomy.
    • Physiology
    • Elements of Orthopedics
    • Training Science
    • Athletic Psychology.
    • Athletic Pedagogy.
    • Sports Bio-mechanics.
    • Motor Learning and Motor Control.
    • Ergo-physiology.
    • Sports Medicine
    • First Aid – Bandaging.
    • Sports and Nutrition.
    • Ergometry.
    • Sports Management and Organization.
    • Physiotherapy.

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Athens: October 2021
Duration: 1200 hours
Level: 5-IEK
Certification: Ωmega – National Diploma
Educational Type: Theory & Practice

Program Director: Stavros Dedoukos
Tutors: George Xiros, Michalis Elpidoforou, Mirjan Tahiraj, George Papadopoulos, Eleftheria Zapantioti, Alkistis Vouraki, Katerina Lianou.

Stavros Dedoukos


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