Christina Pantazopoulou

Graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sport of Athens. Certified personal trainer, Group Fitness instructor, Yoga and Pilates from recognized bodies such as Alan Herdman Pilates UK, Basi Inernational, Michael King Pilates Institute, Balanced Body, Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Yoga Certified Instructor. She has edited the Teacher Training Manual Mat & Equipment for her Studio One teacher. Creator of the Pilates Concept. She has been presenting courses and lectures at conferences in Greece and abroad since 1996. Owner of “ibody Pilates and wellness studio”.

She has attended specific Pilates courses as well as rehabilitation courses under the supervision of:

  • KAREN CLIPPINGER (scapulohumeral rhythm, rotator cuff and shoulder impingement, scoliosis),
  • ALAN HERDMAN (cueing on the reformer, osteoporosis, hip replacement rehab, scoliosis, Pilates for pregnancy, posture analysis),
  • RAEL ISACOWITZ (mat work master classes, training the amateur athlete, improving athletes performance, shoulder rehabilitation, the lower back),
  • ELIZABETH LARKAM (mat and reformer sequences for train fascia),
  • TROY MAcCATHY (reformer),
  • CHRISSY ROMANY-RUBI (balanced training for upper body, gluteals and their link to low back pain, postural changes with Pilates),
  • ANNA MARIA VITALI (fascia in motion),
  • TOM McCOOK (skillful cueing on the reformer),
  • BALANCED BODY (psoas: pelvis guy, Pilates – based rehab for back injuries, shoulder injuries, core testing),
  • BETH KAPLANEK (hip and knee replacement and Pilates: restoring function, strength, rom, and post operatively stability).

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