Zina Tasoula

Professor of Physical Education (TEFAA of Athens) Specialty in the Department of Health and Exercise. Certified Professional Group Exercise Leader and Personal Trainer by I.A.F.A. in the field of Aerobic, Step and Body Conditioning Programs since 2004. Certified Pilates Professor from The Pilates Coach Level 1 & Level 2 since 2004.

Former Black Belt Athlete and Tae Kwon Do. Certified by the I.F.A.A. Germany in the TAE BO (Authentic Tae Bo Academy) by Billy Blanks since 2006. Greece’s Track and Field Champion in Track and Field. Basic Group Trainer in big gyms in Athens. Presenter at Studio One conferences. Professor of Tae Box Diploma of Studio One Organization. Creator of the Tae Box Concept Program.

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