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D. Yoga Kids




RCYT: Registered children’s yoga teacher.

RCYS: Registered children’s yoga school.

This training program is recognized by the World Yoga Qualifications Alliance and certifies its graduates as internationally recognized Childrens ’/ kids’ Yoga teachers and as certified members of the Yoga Alliance at the RCYT 95h level.

It is addressed to all those who love children and want to acquire new “tools” in the way they deal with them. It can be attended by gymnasts, dance teachers, musicians, kindergarten teachers, animators, educators, parents.

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A. Theoretical courses

  • Advantages of Yoga
  • advantages of child yoga
  • philosophy of yoga
  • yoga paths
  • the 8 steps of Patanjali
  • Yamas / Niyamas / Vrttis / Kleshas / Gunas / Koshas / The 5 building blocks nadis / Chakras
  • The importance of the teacher’s voice
  • Yamas / Niyamas for children
  • principles of teaching yoga for children
  • teacher / student – teacher behavior
  • teaching principles that will help prepare the class
  • Stages of child’s development
  • teaching techniques for different ages
  • emotional development of a child
  • theories about children’s play and its importance
  • deep relaxation / meditation / visioning/visualization/mindfulness
  • children and emotions
  • child yoga and theatrical play
  • pranayama
  • children’s massage
  • acrobatics
  • Partner Yoga
  • yogic trips
  • fairy tales and yoga
  • yoga and gymnastics
  • Anatomy
  • first aid
  • Nutrition
  • treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal problems in children
  • children’s drawing-interpretation of children’s drawings(what do kids say through their drawings)

B. Practical courses

  • Yoga Kids sun salutation and variations
  • Mudras
  • Mantras
  • Mandalas
  • Pranayama
  • deep relaxation / meditation / vision / quiet time
  • welcoming students to the classroom
  • YogaKids lesson planning
  • correction manipulations
  • indicative yoga classes for children
  • acrobatics
  • yoga partner
  • children’s massage
  • yoga games
  • yoga and gymnastics
  • empowerment and animation techniques
Yoga Alliance Kids Diploma 1

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Starts: 4/12/2021

Duration: 95 hours

Level – Level: 4

Certification: Yoga Alliance RCYT

Education Type: Theory & Practice

Diploma Director: Marina Triantou


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