Physiotherapy Assistant

Holders of a diploma in the specialty “Physiotherapy Assistant” of IEK ΩMEGA Sports & Fitness Academy by STUDIO ONE have certified the necessary professional knowledge, skills and abilities with which they are fully trained to meet their duties, which include preparation and support of the physiotherapy laboratory, the reception, the preparation of patients and the assistance of the physiotherapist in the application of physiotherapy methods.

Areas of employment

Graduates of the IEK OMEGA Sports & Fitness Academy specialty “STUDIO ONE” can work as productive executives in:

Physiotherapy laboratories

Institutions and Centers for Recovery and Rehabilitation of the Disabled (mobility disabilities)

Eldercare facilities

Therapeutic baths

Special Rehabilitation Centers

Hospitals, Clinics

Sports Centers and Sports Venues

In the above areas of employment, the legal license to operate a physiotherapy laboratory and the presence – supervision of a graduate physiotherapist is required.

Indicative Material – graduate skills of the Specialization


  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Nosology data
  • Elements of Orthopedics
  • Elements of Rheumatology
  • Hygiene
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Kinesiology I, II
  • Principles of Massage
  • Practical Application in the Specialty
  • Elements of Surgery
  • Elements of Pediatrics
  • Elements of Neurology
  • Elements of Geriatrics
  • Exercise: Safety & Application
  • Principles of Patient Transportation
  • Kinesiotherapy
  • Exercise: Safety & Application II
  • Maintenance AND Technology of Physiotherapy Laboratory
  • Principles of Application of Natural Resources
  • First Aid – Bandaging
  • Sports medicine
  • Walking Aids and Self Service
  • Organization and Administration of a Physiotherapy Laboratory
  • Ergometry
  • Exercise: Security & Application III
  • Nursing

Οι κάτοχοι διπλώματος στην ειδικότητα «Βοηθός Φυσικοθεραπείας» του ΙΕΚ ΩMEGA Sports & Fitness Academy by STUDIO ONE έχουν πιστοποιήσει τις απαραίτητες επαγγελματικές γνώσεις, δεξιότητες και ικανότητες με τις οποίες είναι πλήρως καταρτισμένοι για να ανταποκριθούν στα καθήκοντα τους, τα οποία περιλαμβάνουν την προετοιμασία και τη γραμματειακή υποστήριξη του εργαστηρίου φυσικοθεραπείας, την υποδοχή, την προετοιμασία ασθενών και την υποβοήθηση του φυσικοθεραπευτή στην εφαρμογή φυσικοθεραπευτικών μεθόδων.

Το Studio One
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Start date
Athens: October 2021
Duration: 1200 hours
Level – Level: 5-IEK
Certification: Omega – State Diploma
Type of Education: Theory & Practice

Diploma’s Director: Katerina Lianou

Katerina Lianou


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