Basketball Coach

Basketball Coach Specialty Indicative

  • Reminder of individual technique elements in the attack.
  • Movements without ball, unmarking. Specifications.
  • Receiving the ball, turning to the basket. Teaching practice, practitioner.
  • Extras by ball players. Types of movements and pretensions.
  • Individual defense technique. Step, slip. Directed defensive moves. Sprint and defense. One – one across the court.
  • Collaboration of 2 and 3 players in defense. Exploiting the special abilities of athletes. Perception and adaptability.
  • Fitness and speed. Position and movements of the feet. Individual defense situations. Deal with a ball player according to his position.
  • Handling a player without a ball at a distance.
  • Pocket defense.
  • Group man-to-man defense and zone defense. Man-to-man items (normal, pressurized, loose, turned, with traps). The roles of the players depending on their position in each genre.
  • Single or double player zone in front. More efficient band utilization. Practitioner.
  • Combined defenses. Practitioner. Pressing. Movements and positions on the court. Basics of various Zone-press.
  • Defensive tactics. Combined defenses (4 zone and 1 man-to-man, 2 man-to-man and 3 zone, mixed defense). Practitioner.
  • Matchup defenses. From man-to-man zone and man-to-man zone. The role of each player depending on their position. Exploiting the special abilities of athletes.
  • Surprise. Surprise situations with advantage. Complete surprise. Secondary surprise.
  • Spy on opponents, build sports profiles and recruit players.
  • Statistics.
  • Organize matches.
  • Planning and defining training content.
  • Charge and custom fitness programs.
  • Gambling Regulations. Arbitration. Greek and European Championships Regulations.

Secretariat, race sheet and timing.

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