Executive of Outdoor Tourist Leisure Activities

Objectives of this innovative training program are the participants:

  • to get to know the content of active leisure & outdoor activities.
  • to be informed about the benefits and goals of leisure activities.
  • manage the necessary individual and group equipment.
  • to choose the right place and to organize every action safely.
  • to know the basic technical elements of an effective escort.
  • to comfortably perform the process of preparation, organization, implementation of an action.
  • to teach the basic elements of the technique to beginners with a specific ‘routine’ of instructions.
  • to safely guide a group of ‘learners’ in a free environment.
  • be aware of international safety regulations.
  • adequately manage a hazard or accident emergency.
  • to know the rules of nature protection and practice

420 hours – 16 EC in collaboration with: Association of Greek Tourist Companies for Outdoor Leisure Activities

After attending the program, participants will be able to:

Knowledge Level: 1) to plan and organize a safe action of outdoor tourist activity of moderate difficulty for small / medium group of participants, 2) to show awareness & ability to present data on the anthropogenic and natural environment of the route area.

Skills Level: 1) to know basic information about orientation, use of paper, compass & GPS, 2) to be able to choose the appropriate free space for the implementation of an action, 3) to manage weather information during the action , 4) to properly manage a group of participants by displaying appropriate behavior and appropriate leadership style.

Skills Level: 1) to accompany, guide a group of people to a day and multi-day camp with overnight stays in nature, 2) to be able to make simple decisions when implementing an outdoor action, 3) to offer first aid to a small group people (in real time). 4) to behave effectively to trainees, to be communicative, to inspire confidence, 5) to respect the natural environment and to transmit it, 6) to offer environmentally friendly services.

The human resources that will be trained are employed in companies that are members of the Association of Greek Tourist Companies of Outdoor Leisure Activities (SETEYDA). Graduates are usually employed in programs and services in the market: 1) Outdoor Activities, 2) Active Leisure, 3) Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation 4) Outdoor Wellness Therapy, 5) Outdoor Adventure Therapy, 6) Outdoor Education, 7) Children Summer Camps.

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Athens: October 2021
Duration: 420 hours – 16 ECVET
Level: Continuing education – specialization
Certification: Ωmega by StudiOne
Type of Education: Theory & Practice

Diploma Teacher: Vasilis Mouzakiaris


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